Instead of paying, why not let the equipment pay for itself?

By leasing your draught beer equipment from us, you can get the equipment you need without hurting your cash flow. With fixed monthly rentals over a long-term payment schedule, your payments are made from the profits the equipment earns. Smart move we would say!!

Basically we take care of your system from A to Z and all you would need to do it make money out it.

Benefits of Leasing your Draught Beer Equipment for us:


  • Leasing Minimizes Obsolescence
  • At the end of a lease period, you will be given a option to replace for worn out or obsolete equipment
  • The cost of leasing remains the same over the period of the lease agreement
  • Leasing Simplifies Expansion
  • You never have to worry about selling. maintaining and storing of old equipment
  • We only provide durable draught beer equipment to all our draught beer customers
  • Our warranty covers for a 1 to 1 exchange for any faulty equipment which is beyond repair (Terms and conditions applies)
  • Free monthly sanitation of the beer system
  • Free Supply of CO2 cylinders and replacement of empty cylinders
  • Free breakdown call visits (Terms and conditions applies)
  • Since you don’t require equipment, sanitation service , CO2 cylinders from your beer supplier, Now you will be able to demand better margin cost for their beer kegs, which in returns gives you better selling profit margin
  •  And yes! Since its your equipment, No more lengthy contracts and exclusivity clause with your beer suppliers! You are free have more than 1 draught beer supplier at your outlet!