Benefits of the ReverseTap...


The latest addition to our portfolio is the ReverseTap. ReverseTap is the currently the most innovative method to dispense beer or any beverages. We are the official distributors of the ReverseTap in Singapore. Just imagine your bartender pouring 12 cups of beer in just 1 minute! Now imagine this whole process is carried out without any waste, spillage. That’s ReverseTap!

The ReverseTap beer dispenser fills the cups 3-4 times faster than the conventional beer tap, only 7 seconds per cup, i.e. with the twin tap the employee can fill 2 cups of beer in only 7 seconds. The employee has time free for other tasks (payments etc.)


  • No waste, no spillage, easy cleaning
  • Low employee training
  • Yielded sales/ beer keg


  • Your brand or product logo can be printed on the front display
  • Your latest promotional video can be displayed on the LCD screen on the front display